Welcome Letter
We are delighted to introduce you to Seattle Voctech School — a fully accredited, U.S./Washington state diploma-granting, private school for grades 6 –12. We help students learn in the ways that are right for them, nurturing a joy for learning and a passion for excellence in all of their pursuits.

The key is our individualized approach, which frees children to reach their personal potential. Our students are liberated from rigid schedules, classes that move too fast or too slow, overcrowded classrooms, teaching to the test, and many other factors that typically stand in the way of academic engagement and success. Rather we use our award-winning digital curriculum, developed by cognitive scientists and master educators and tested on thousands of students to personalize each student's program.

We don't try to be everything to everyone. We are, first and foremost, an institution for passionate creators: Programmers, designers,roboteers and young self-leaders. Our students love learning by doing, self-directed learning and projects and internships with real objectives and real outputs.

If you're looking for a school that focuses on your student's passion for creation rather than an arbitrary slate of liberal arts subjects, we invite you to learn more on these pages. Join us and experience our unique teaching mechanism.


SVT Board