"International Student-Music College Planning" Program
(here abbreviation as "ISMCP")

1 Highlights of ISMCP

* Admission goals to Berklee Music College and other top ones in the USA and UK

* AP courses with partial credits transferable to colleges

* USA private high school diploma and waiver of TOFEL/IELTS


2 ISMCP content: SVT high school study and college planning

Supporting Items


Small-class high school; selective music course

-       USA high school courses: Comprehensive English courses

-       Social science courses (history etc...)

-       Math and Science courses (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)

-       Professional course* (selective): Music Theory

*depends on the needs of particular students


Portfolio preparation


Throughout college planning and carry-out


Visa application supporting


Participation to relevant activities

Breakdown of Pan Options





Plan options

Whole package

(3 years in SVT + throughout college planning and carry-out)

Two-third package (2 Year in SVT + throughout college planning and carry-out)

One-third package (1 Year in SVT + throughout college planning and carry-out)

Suitable international students

mid school graduates / high school freshmen

completion of high school freshmen / incumbent sophomore

high school graduates / incumbent junior

# of years in SVT High School

3 year (no less than 2 years in USA)

2 years (study in USA)

1 year (need to complete TOFEL (72 & above / IELTS 6.0 & above)

# of years in targeted Colleges

3 years plus

4 years

4 years


3 Why we SVT

* USA local education organization and team

* We are not only experienced in college planning, we are a full accredited private high school also with international student enrollment qualification for 6th - 12th grade.

* Immediate contingent plan to failure to 1st target college; no waste school time through TRANFER program


* Colleges with corporations:

- Berklee College of Music
- Manhattan School of Music
- New England Conservatory of Music
- San Francisco Conservatory of Music
- Oberlin Conservatory