2023 - 2024 School Year Drones Curriculum
We will be forming, practicing and competing in the VEX Aerial Drone Competition this year (Aerial Drone Competition - REC Foundation (roboticseducation.org))

The competition features four levels of competition, as follow:
   - Dedicated Autonomous Flight Layout – Designed to use sensors of the CoDrone EDU and increase programming success. Specially designed mats will be placed on sections of the floor to aid in set up and consistent sensor readings.
   - Piloting Skills Challenge – One Drone - One Team - Pilot your drone around an obstacle course to show off your piloting skills.
   - Two Drone Teamwork Challenge – Designed for two teams to work together and highlight precision flying skills, communication, and decision making.
   - Communications Mission – Teams interview with Judges about their Drone, Programming and Competition Logbook Documentation

We will learn and compete in all four areas.

Our main emphasis will be on programming, using first Blockly programming system, then graduating to Python when appropriate.

We will gain experience in loops, conditionals, using sensors, version control, PID and documentation.

Physical Education – Pickleball

Regional Championship Host Training partner

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