SVT teaches VEX Robotics systems (used in the fastest growing robotics leagues in the world): IQ (using plastic parts that snap together) and EDR (a metal building system with more powerful motors and controllers). Campers work individually or in small-groups to design, build, program, test and revise robots to accomplish specific missions. Along the way, we introduce them to all the major programming and building structures used in competitive robotics: Tank and Holonomic drives, 4-bar, scissor and double-reverse 4-bar lifts.

Sessions are NOT necessarily sequential. Content will depend on the skills and experience of each camper. (ie. Starting with Session 2 is OK. Likewise, doing both Session 1 and 2 is also OK - the level of challenge will increase.)

As fun as robotics is, we do recognize that all day, every day is a LOT of robotics, so we've planned daily outdoor activities to get some sun, exercise and keep the days balanced.

Every session is two weeks, Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. (Before and after care is available. A $20 fee will be charged if camper joins the afternoon care without proper registration).

VEX IQ Robolab Summer Camp (Ages 7-11)
VEX EDR Robolab Summer Camp (Ages 12-15)

Please email for additional information and REGISTER.