Application Process

  1. Phase one
    1. You will:
      1. Download the application package in PDF format.
      2. Fill out and submit the Application forms and Bank Verification form. (email to
      3. Have official transcripts sent from all schools you have attended in the last two years.
      4. Pay the $100 (non-refundable) application fee.
      5. Schedule and participate in a video interview with one of our staffs.
    2. We will:
      1. Acknowledge receipt of your completed Application and assign an account number.
      2. Acknowledge receipt of your completed Bank Verification, Transcripts, and Fee.
      3. Schedule the video interview.
      4. Evaluate your application and make a decision within 14 days of receipt of the completed materials.
      5. Inform you of our decision about admissions.
  2. Phase two
    1. If you are admitted, you will:
      1. Pay tuition (two payment plans available, see Payment Plans)
  3. Phase three
    1. We will:
      1. Send you your I-20 documents, and an visa application checklist and advice for applying for your visa, within 14 days.
    2. You will:
      1. Assemble all required documents and apply for the visa at the nearest US Embassy.
      2. Inform us of the success or failure of your application.

Submit ALL forms (in pdf format) to:
Subject: International Admissions


If you need assistance with any part of the application process, please contact the Admissions Coordinator: