College Case

  1. Zane Zook, Stanford University
    Zane Zook, one of our first students to attend grade school thru to High School created a fabulous legacy for himself. During High School he kept his grades high (3.97 gpa) and created a focused record of activity by founding both the WASABI Robotics team and the Interlake Guitar Club. As leader of the Guitar Club he orchestrated their playing in front of audiences of greater than 1,000 four times and as the President of WASABI Robotics, he built the robot that won a World Championship! Eventually, he achieved admissions to Stanford, Berkeley, Yale, Dartmouth, Pomona, Davidson and Swarthmore, deciding in the end to attend Stanford University for Mechanical Engineering. (Note: He has recently accepted an offer to study for his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Rice University.)
  2. Katherine Chen, Duke University
    Katherine Chen was one of our first students transfering into our program from the Bellevue School District’s Highly Gifted High School Program. After two years at BBP she graduated with the singular distinction of being named the Washington State AP State Scholar (having taken more AP exams than any other female in the state).

    Her dream was to attend Yale and she worked hard to achieve that dream. In the end, she was waitlisted by Yale but achieved admission to UC-Berkeley, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown and Duke. Her second choice, Duke, made a competitive offer (nearly $20,000 in grants) and she is happily attending, studying for a dual-major in Computer Science and Psychology.
  3. Suray Cidambi, University of Iowa
    Surya Cidambi attended Redmond Jr. High and High School. He attended our school for supplemental help in Biology, Reading, Mathematics, Physics, SAT Prep and college application help and was a four year member of WASABI Robotics. Surya did fine in High School (3.87 gpa) until Junior year when he developed a Video Gaming Addiction and managed to get Fs in three classes and Cs in the other four. After such a poor performance his ability to gain admittance to any 4 years schools was in doubt. After concentrated effort during his Junior year summer and on into Senior year, he was able to get offers from Washington State University, University of Illinois: Urbana-Champaign, and, his eventual choice, the University of Iowa, where he is happily attending school.
  4. Sahana Cidambi, University of Washington
    Sahana Cidambi was a long-term member of WASABI Robotics, including being on the World Championship winning squad. She was also a tutoring student for multiple classes and College Admissions help throughout her high school career. Finally, during high school she also helped teach robotics at the University of Washington.

    As a senior, she worked long and hard with us on some memorable college essays, including one conjecturing about an ancient Indian rap-battle, that helped her get into Berkeley, Olin, Scripps and Davidson before finally settling on University of Washington.
  5. Michael Kwong, University of Washington
    Michael Kwong was a student on and off throughout high school. After attending Bellevue College for two years, and being rejected by every four-year college he applied to, he returned for help and advice with his college applications.

    Working with us he produced a Brag Sheet (resume) and essays that better highlighted his unique history and abilities. He was overjoyed to achieve his lifelong dream of attending the University of Washington.